seeking that instagram worthy view pt 2 | rediscovering home

they are sitting, quite, scrolling, as one does on a sunday morning while waiting for coffee

boy: “I can’t find the picture from the end of the hike on your instagram”

girl: “I never really posted any, just the video on youtube”

boy: “Why?”

girl: “They didn’t turn out well. The video was more of an accurate representation of that hike, the pictures looked too gloomy”

boy: “You should go back then, and I really want to see this spot”

girl: “Ok, but coffee first”

they continue scrolling, until they feel the smell of fresh coffee


Who’s there? | Little Moments

she turns off the music suddenly.

talking to herself: “nothing. it stopped”

she turns the music back on. however, it doesn’t last longer than 10 seconds. 



talking to herself: “this house cannot be this noisy”

she stands up just so to avoid being still. there is something restless about the noises she keeps hearing. makes it impossible to focus. anything is an excuse to keep her mind off the small panic attack starting to boil. 


everything looks as peaceful as can be, she thinks as she checks the windows, closes them and sits back down relaxed.

talking to herself: “either these neighbors are getting louder and louder everyday or I am starting to go crazy”


she had forgotten to lock the door. 


The sudden hunt | Little Moments

She could still hear the loose screw as she rode the bike. It was a loud and unpleasant sound but she had learn to like it. Everyone heard her coming, small price to pay for the decreased risk of bumping into someone. A reassuring feeling when riding a bike in Italy.

However, she felt the need to stop to check it, and make sure it was just loose. She didn’t feel like having her friend’s bike suddenly fall apart right from underneath her.

girl: “that’s brian”


girl takes a picture

girl: “alright, let’s go on a small graffiti hunt”


girl: “hm, not as creative, but the message…”


girl: “he he he he”


She wasn’t sure what that was, only that she had a seen different versions of the same type of image all around town.

girl: “What in the world was that?”

she says to herself as she is biking home. It was hot and she was tired. She wasn’t gonna hunt for all of them now, but she will.