a Gopro is an amazing little thing | Creative Assingment

girl: “I want to buy a GoPro”

boy: “What for? You don’t do any action sports and it’s not summer so you are not gonna need it for underwater shots either”

girl: “There’s a lot more I can do with it”

boy: “If you create something you wouldn’t just as easily be able to create with your current camera, I will pay for it”


Should the boy pay for the girl’s gopro?


Creating a Cinemagraph | Creative Assignment

boy: “I keep loosing  it. I search every day. And each day I find a new one I have lost before”

girl sighs


Yours Truly.

Photograph + film = Cinemagraph

I wanted to start with something challenging, something I had never created before so I decided to learn something new:

a cinemagraph.

I got inspired by a video posted by Peter McKinnon which explained how to create this magical little things.