A travel story to Sintra | Rediscovering Home

Sintra is a small place with a lot to see. So I’m pretty sure this is part 1 of many more parts to go. Including a part about the center of the villa which deserves it’s own homage – I hope that’s not too strong a word, it sounded great in my head.

I had to start somewhere.

Anyways, I started with Quinta da Regaleira – I won’t try to translate it, do you translate your name when you introduce yourself to someone? No. Great. Anyways – I still remember visiting with my family as a kid. It wasn’t this crowded then, but it’s magic remains.

When you walk in you will be able to find a palace and chapel surrounded by beautiful gardens, lakes, fountains, wells, sculptures, gazebos and caves – ok it’s a an old park, but it’s pretty and I haven’t even gotten to the best part.

Despite all of this, what makes this park so fun to visit is the extensive and enigmatic set of tunnels. There are multiple entrances and they are all interconnected but no matter how you work around it, eventually you will end up at the bottom of a huge – and awesome – well.

My favorite spot: the Waterfall Lake, which is great on it’s own but it also has its back maze of caves and tunnels, so you can bump into it from 3 different perspectives.

And because none of these entries can be truly finished without a tech complaint:

a drone over this place would have been amazing, I’m going back once I manage to get one.


Yours Truly.




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