seeking that instagram worthy view pt 2 | rediscovering home

they are sitting, quite, scrolling, as one does on a sunday morning while waiting for coffee

boy: “I can’t find the picture from the end of the hike on your instagram”

girl: “I never really posted any, just the video on youtube”

boy: “Why?”

girl: “They didn’t turn out well. The video was more of an accurate representation of that hike, the pictures looked too gloomy”

boy: “You should go back then, and I really want to see this spot”

girl: “Ok, but coffee first”

they continue scrolling, until they feel the smell of fresh coffee


Best Tourist Guide in Lyon | Travel Stories

boy: “anything in particular you wanna see when you get here?”

girl: “i didn’t do any research, surprise me”

view over lyon





Note to Future Self

The city is fantastic but if you go back you need to visit the Musée Miniature et Cinéma again. It is so amazing I barely took any pictures inside, I was just in aw of it all, between the original props, scripts a storyboards of some of my favorite movies and shows, the top floor with the miniatures is like an alternate universe. 

I found Mars | Little Moments

they climb up and down the rocks to make closer to the ocean, trying to get away from the crowd. she finds a spot and sits. he stands in front of her.

boy: “do you have a lighter?”

girl: “here you go”

they talk for hours. she kept looking towards the ocean. the light was shifting as it usually does. she turns her head to the right

“hey, look”

“what is it?”


“I found Mars”

I finally made it to Qatar | Travel Stories

as she continues to tell the story, he throws her luggage in the trunck of the car, closes it and looks back at her with a suprised look on his face

boy: “Was this your first time in the middle east?”

girl: “Yes, it may have been more of a culture shock than china ever was to be honest”

boy: “so it was nothing like what you expected?”

girl: “no”


girl: “it was way colder than I expected”

boy sighs

girl smiles

girl: “just kidding”

Who’s there? | Little Moments

she turns off the music suddenly.

talking to herself: “nothing. it stopped”

she turns the music back on. however, it doesn’t last longer than 10 seconds. 



talking to herself: “this house cannot be this noisy”

she stands up just so to avoid being still. there is something restless about the noises she keeps hearing. makes it impossible to focus. anything is an excuse to keep her mind off the small panic attack starting to boil. 


everything looks as peaceful as can be, she thinks as she checks the windows, closes them and sits back down relaxed.

talking to herself: “either these neighbors are getting louder and louder everyday or I am starting to go crazy”


she had forgotten to lock the door. 


a Gopro is an amazing little thing | Creative Assingment

girl: “I want to buy a GoPro”

boy: “What for? You don’t do any action sports and it’s not summer so you are not gonna need it for underwater shots either”

girl: “There’s a lot more I can do with it”

boy: “If you create something you wouldn’t just as easily be able to create with your current camera, I will pay for it”


Should the boy pay for the girl’s gopro?